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Change your relationship to the past, here and now.

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Connect with  your body's inherent 
capacity for healing


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Somatic Experiencing is a gentle, non-cathartic approach to working with effects of trauma and chronic stress,  The way this is negotiated is through the bulidng your capacity to regulate your own nervous system.  Simply put, we slow things down enough in the present, to allow for the body to complete some kind of innate self-protection response.


Although we cannot change the past, we can re-negotiate our relationship to our experience, here and now.  Traumatization occurs when our capacity to cope through something, is overwhelmed because it just happens too fast or too much for us.  In re-negotiating trauma, slowing down and building a sense of safety or "friendliness" with our bodies, is a necessary first step to allow this capacity to show up.  In time, you will build more connection with yourself, more trust and safety within yourself, which impacts self-confidence and allows for healthier connections with others.

Somatic Trauma resolution can help with:
  • Chronic stress

  • Emotion dysregulation

  • Emotional & early childhood trauma

  • Medical trauma, surgeries

  • Sexual trauma

  • Car accidents

  • Grief & loss

  • Prenatal & birth trauma

  • Life Transitions

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